In the summer of 1992 I found myself riding in a redilla truck up a hill of rafts, oars and life jackets after having made the descent of the FiloBobos River, in Veracruz. With me was Alfonso de la Parra, who had just arrived from the summit of Everest becoming the third Mexican to do so. There, on that journey over a winding terrain that would take us to the town of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, was where we talked for hours and the idea of making the first and most prestigious travel and adventure travel company in Mexico that we would call Rio y Montaña.

In our minds, we would never settle for less, we went for the big one. Nothing of Business plan, nothing of financial runs, only the dream of traveling and discovering the most remote and beautiful places of Mexico, and sharing them with the people who had the desire and the opening to accompany us.

We made expeditions around the world taking with us guests to whom those trips changed their lives, just as they changed it to us. And this is how this dream that became HOTELES RODAVENTO was born, and that took us from being explorers, chefs, waiters, adventure guides, entertainers, to being hotel entrepreneurs with a philosophy that has not changed and has distinguished us from others.

Unfortunately my partner and friend Alfonso lost his life in a mountaineering accident in North India, but the philosophy that we form together is as alive today as at the beginning. I have always said that we ended up being hoteliers but we started the other way around. We have always been specialists in developing innovative activities for our clients, but we needed rooms. We set ourselves the task of designing them so that they were also an experience for themselves.

It is for this reason that EXPERIENCE is what counts in our hotels. We do not sell rooms, we sell experiences, as we did twenty years ago camping next to a river, but now with another level of comfort, sophistication and quality. Welcome to the world of RODAVENTO HOTELS.

Waldemar Franco

Presidente y fundador