In the summer of 1992 I found myself riding on a truck on top of a stack of rafts, oars and life jackets after having just traveled down the River Filobobos in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Alfonso de la Parra, who had just returned from climbing Mount Everest, becoming only the third Mexican to achieve this feat, accompanied me. There, on the winding dirt road that would lead us to the village of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, we talked for hours and developed the idea of creating the first and most prestigious adventure travel company in Mexico. We called it Río y Montaña.

We made up our minds to achieve our dreams. We had no business plan, no financial backing... just a vision of traveling and discovering the most remote and beautiful places around the world and sharing them with people who were eager and open to come along.

We led expeditions to many corners of the globe, and took with us guests whose lives were changed by those travels, as were our own. Our dream took shape and turned us into explorers, adventure guides, cooks, waiters, entertainers and hoteliers.

Sadly, my partner and friend, Alfonso, passed away in a mountaineering accident in the North of India in 2007 However, the vision we shaped together on that winding dirt road is as alive today as it was the day we first conceived it. It forms the foundation and guides us for everything we do at RODAVENTO HOTELS.

It’s this vision that makes us different from other hotel companies. At RODAVENTO HOTELS, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE. We’ve been specialists in developing innovative activities for a long time. We don’t provide rooms, we provide experiences just as we did twenty years ago when we camped on a riverbank. We offer another level of comfort, sophistication, and quality today but the vision and spirit is still the same. Welcome to the world of RODAVENTO HOTELS.

Waldemar Franco

President and Founder